2 thoughts on “Good Naked; Bad Naked – 2 Kinds of Nudity”

  1. Ivan Akirov says:

    To me there’s only naked. I find naked sexy, I’ve always had. As long as I can remember as a kid I found nudity and being naked so appealing, it made me explore, think, try. There always will be a rooted connection of our bodies with our sexuality, there’s no use in trying to deny it, but as it happen in the “textile” world, where most people draw a line where public and private or personal sexuality are separated, so it got to be in the naturist/nudist/FKK world. That the line is not in the same place for all is a fact and we got to accept it. Of course lines next to the extremes are what no one wants. The things is to know where and when you can step on one or the other side of that line. Here in Latin America people is so much open regarding their sexuality, people flirt constantly, make jokes, we like to touch, hug, kiss… things that in the US certainly would lead to a -for us, absurd lawsuit.

    1. I am not sure what flirting has to do being clothes free. People flirt with clothes on so I am a bit confused by the connection you are making between nudity and sexuality. People have sex with clothes on and clothes off.

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