Nudity in super bowl ads? Take the poll

Skimpily dressed women are nothing new in Super Bowl ads. Godaddy saw to that. But a couple of companies have released Super Bowl ads with implied or actual nudity. See example below. Is this a good thing for the clothes free community. Take the poll share your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Nudity in super bowl ads? Take the poll”

  1. Such a great and interesting question. I haven’t seen the other ads; I don’t watch much live television. But in this particular one, what appreciate is that it’s not sexual; it looks so everyday, just sitting in a park. I love that, and it can be a plus, in my opinion. for such a large audience to see this kind of portrayal of it.

    Overall, intention and portrayal would be my greatest concerns. Is it sexual? Is it degrading? Here, in pop culture nudity tends to be tied to sex, so if that is what’s happening in ads, I think it’s not helpful for the clothes free community. If not sexual, it could be an opportunity.

  2. Ed Raby Sr says:

    It looks like the actual scene where she is naked in the commercial is central park which given New York has had equality topless rights for some time now so the only big deal would be not having bottoms. I am not sure about the other commercials as I haven’t seen them. The problem of course is ‘what about the children?” which as you know form my blog that this whole argument has little to do with reason, good theology or even common sense, it is pure cultural control for other ends.

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