Review: Naked Poetry: At Home and In Nature

Review: “Naked Poetry: At Home and In Nature, Sky Clad Poetry, Volume 2” authored by Robert Longpré

“Naked Poetry: At Home and In Nature, Volume 2” by Robert Longpré is a beautiful collection of naked poems reflecting on the whole person in relationship to self, others and environment, indoors and outdoors. It is truly naked poetry sharing on both the clothes free body and raw spiritual and emotional experiences that unfold.

Longpré paints moments spent alone reflecting on the inner nature, the true self, that is often masked both by clothing and by adopting ways of being in the world that are not authentic. Other pieces observe relationships with another and community, and how those dynamics shift when one transitions from clothing to skin.

The relationship between author and the environment is also explored. When weather demands protection, the wearing of shoes and cover creates a kind of disconnect that is necessary for survival. That loss of touch is beautifully treated in several pieces.

This wholesome collection of sacred experiences took me on a refreshing journey. As I read Longpré’s work, deeper questions for myself rose again and again: Who am I being? Am I really in touch with another person? Do I actually feel my environment, or am I often just floating in space? When was the last time my feet touched the earth directly?

A deep and accessible reflection in this collection of poetry. Definitely check it out:


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