The Issues With Nude Beach Photography

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA How Do We Deal With The Legality of Non-Consensual Nude Beach Photography? Just recently a story began to circulate online about a guy who was caught with a hidden camera at a nude beach called Maslin Beach in Adelaide, Australia. A few beach-goers realized that his cooler had holes…

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  1. craig miller 4 years ago

    A few years ago, while at the beach with my girlfriend (in South Beach, Miami) we saw a guy videoing some of the topless ladies on the beach. My girlfriend was also topless & when the perv’s lens was turned to her, I went over & confronted him. He was a little frail guy with a little camera bag that contained his video camera & a rather large can of pepper spray. I’m sure he knew why I was headed his way so he put his camera in the bag & pulled out the spray & pointed it at me. I backed off & went to the closest lifeguard stand & had them call the police. The little perv saw this & started to leave the beach. I followed him a block or two until I ran into the police & they grabbed him. The police proceeded to scold me for following the guy but they did arrest him for the large can of pepper spray. They told me that he was within his rights to video tape in a public place. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!
    So my personal policy now is if I see someone videoing or photographing on the nude or topless beach, I’ll slip up on them if possible or as a group confront this person & quickly, without asking, snatch there camera and take it for a swim. Simple as that. They wouldn’t dare call the police & if they did, no one around would stand up for the perv & the cops would probably understand & just ask them to leave. No matter what would happen as a result of this aggressive action, the perv would be shut down & get the point that we as nudist see this as a violation & won’t stand by & just let it happen……………

  2. aguywithoutboxers 4 years ago

    Very informative before the beach season actually starts here in North America. One action we’ve undertaken in the past is to take the photo of the offending photographer and distribute it among beach patrons ( at Gunnison). Once he saw this, he relocated. No communication exchanged, no contact. Thanks! Cool re-blog.

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