Time Out

Instagram is in time out.

My clothes free journey began there 5 months ago through an invitation to participate in a naked yoga challenge. Immediately, I took my nakedness with me off the mat and left my clothes to the side. So, from yoga poses to reading clothes free to cooking, I did it all clothes free, and shared about what I felt and experienced on Instagram.

The thing is, I’ve not been getting much clothes free conversation there. What started as a community doing naked yoga with folks sharing quotes or reflections, perspectives on social and political issues shifted to discussions about sex once the yoga challenge completed. Not all who share naked yoga posts do so; a small handful still talk about broader issues. However, the sex theme grew in popularity to the extent that it became a major theme. Fewer life shares, fewer quotes, fewer reflections. Every time I logged on I never knew what I would see, from whom I’d see it, and what the string of comments would be regarding the posts. It turned from naked yoga to something where everyday somehow got a theme focused on sex: Hump Day, Freaky Friday, etc.

With these conversations came discussions on beauty, attraction and favoritism. Men commenting that they wanted to have posters of certain women doing whatever on their walls. Women commenting back that it was a good idea. Men saying they wanted to be underneath or on top of women in  a pose. Women posting themselves in heels and lingerie, wet and wild, commenting on sexy butts and men’s penises. Submissives and doms. Men claiming to be uncontrollable when seeing women’s naked yoga posts.  All genders contributing to and forwarding that theme.

Let me be clear that I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with these things. I’m no nun and am not interested in becoming a nun. I experience attraction. I love sex, I love expressing with someone. I love being adventuros and freaky, too. Real talk.

But not at the expense of my clothes free experience.

Sex can be done with clothes on, so it has nothing to do with nudity inherently. But the constant conversations on Instagram linking them together was confusing and distracting for me, especially as a newbie in clothes free life. Every time I opened the app, my heart rate would rise, because I never knew what I was going to see. Certain accounts I simply stopped following, because it was just too much conversation about sex and people posting to please others on that topic. “You like it? OK, I’ll post more of that.”

As a clothes free newbie who is engaging my whole life clothes free, I needed to connect with a different framework. So, after months of struggling, crying, and anger, with the help of 2 of the most beautiful souls in the world, I came to an exciting decision: Instagram goes in time out.

I needed to reset from my experience on Instagram. What I’m hungry for are the things clothes free lifers tend to talk about on blogs. This is where issues in clothes free living, spirituality, clothes free art, creative writing, political / social / cultural perspectives are shared. This is where I hear people speak from the mind and the heart, sharing things that move, touch and inspire me. Now I am filling up my reader with these blogs.

Now that I’ve put it in time out, I’m more rooted, grounded and secure in who I am, focused and unwavering. I’m blossoming into a proud, radiant new being, because I am in action in my clothes free life.

I will share more on this in upcoming posts, as I’ve had a number of revelations and breakthroughs for myself since making this shift.

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  1. stagsa says:

    Well said. I look forward to your future posts.

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