3 thoughts on “To Block or not to Block”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    I guess we as a couple have a different mindset. When and if we discover someone on twitter or social media has similar interest and enjoyment of our lifestyle we will generally reach out to them to join us at our resort. You can usually tell quickly at that point what their real interest is. We also have informed most of our friends, family and some business associates of our lifestyle. We have long felt that honesty and openness is the best policy. If their intentions on twitter or social media seem pervy we un-friend or block them.

    1. I’m taking some great points from here. I think if I weren’t going about it alone, I’d feel a bit safer. Also, the idea of meeting folks at a resort with lots of other people around is also very comforting to me. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing!

      1. sassycoupleok says:

        Most AANR recognized resorts also screen and do background checks on guests. Like you say especially for a woman the strength in numbers is a very good thing. Social nudity where it’s safe and you have friends is absolutely the best !!

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