Naked through four decades – evolution of a naturist.

imageWhenever I’m asked that question “how long have you been a naturist?” I always answer “for as long as I can remember”. To be honest from a little boy running around the house and garden in the 1970’s and being told off by Mum & Dad and being told to put clothes on to my teenage years in the 1980’s where I waited for my parents to go out and I would take all my clothes off and enjoy the house naked.

Then the 1990’s when I got a flat of my own and my naturism really started properly, I enjoyed being naked whenever I wanted to, it was bliss and now I’m married to my partner Doug and although he’s not into naturism as much as me he understands my lifestyle and is happy for me to be naked all the time even when he’s clothed.

To sum up my naturist life over four decades I have made a little photo montage of myself in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and 2014. It really starkly visualises how you might age in your face and body but you remain a naturist and you can go on enjoying naturism all of your life, it doesn’t matter how young or old we are!


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