About the S*x Thing…

So, the sex thing…I’m talking about it.

Lifestyle clothes free folks maintain that the unclothed lifestyle is not about sex. Indeed, once I put Instagram and all the confusing sexual posts and comments there aside, I began to tap into rich conversations about clothes free life. I read the thoughts of people and share conversations with folks whose  clothes free lifestyle speaks and lives for itself; it’s just who they are, which is exactly how I feel. I’m really starting to get that, and it is so welcoming, encouraging and inspiring to me.

In this time away from Instagram I am becoming more fully present to my every day experiences in my clothes free life. I’ve been reflecting and wondering why I had such negative reactions to the sex posts on Instagram from folks who started as naked yogis and then turned it into a lusty fan club of favorite boobies, most attractive booties and weenies. What the heck, am I a prude? Am I in denial about sex and sexuality? Am I a hypocrite? Is there something wrong with me? NO.

IMG_3663Once I took myself away from the feed of those conversations and started really living my quotidian clothes free life, I tapped into a wholesome and intimate connection with myself. I spend time being with myself and enjoying the simple blessing of feeling whatever I feel in a given moment. And as part of that, I am becoming more  present to my sexuality as an honest conversation with myself in the same way that I journal more honestly when I’m clothes free, feel my body’s food needs more honestly, work more honestly. And in that honest conversation, I meet myself with love, gratitude, peace, confidence, freedom, possibility and no judgment. I see myself as vibrant, full of vitality, generous and beautifully human.

I don’t deny, ignore or stifle my sexuality. Rather, it is actually inspired and made honest by my overall clothes free life. In these moments of being and living, I get very clear on what I feel. I even say it out loud. I write about it, and I look at it. The things that I have confessed to myself are things I had stuffed away and locked up for a long, long time. I’ve taken them out of the heavy, locked chest that was buried deep somewhere. Not only do I look at them, I embrace them. “Yes, I experienced that. I like this. I feel that. Yes.”

I am now owning my experiences and my feelings. And in that ownership, I find myself over and over again, confidently and authentically, with no need for input or validation. I don’t know that I have ever felt this free and expressed on my own, but this is part of what is opening up for me as I move through my clothes free life. This was something I couldn’t access when I was caught up in watching all the sexual conversations through the feeds. The more folks conflated clothes-free with sex, the less I could connect with that aspect of myself at all, interestingly enough. It was only after I excused myself from the constant feed of those conversations that I could actually hear and touch my own heart in the most healthy, wholesome and inspiring way I’ve ever been able to in my entire life.

My sexuality / sensuality is one of many blossoming pieces of the beautiful clothes free jigsaw human that I am. It is a sacred, healing conversation with myself. Landing at this point has been amazing.

Editors note: the asterisk in the title is to avoid those who troll the Internet for p*rn using search engines

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  1. Oops! I meant to post the previous comment under your article, “My Heart is Wearing Long Underwear.” My phone was being weird. But it remains apropos, actually. The more I read your articles, the more I feel like we are complementary parts of the same conversation, you exploring the internal dialogue within an individual that must, must, must proceed what I am working on, the external dialogue with society. I’m so glad we’ve met. But then, how could we not?

  2. natfabart avatar Naturist Fab says:

    Very well said. I am of the same mind when it comes to weeding out any vulgar and misrepresentations of the clothes free life. I’ve stopped going into Tumblr as I have no control as to who follows me. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination nor am I a non-sexual being but our portraying of good and wholesome nudity should not be confused with s*x and p*rn.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Tumblr has actually improved its controls and you can actually block someone from following as you would on Twitter. That change has us dipping our toes back into the Tumblr waters, though it adds more work to stay on top of any unsavory followers


  3. sassycoupleok says:

    Very well stated indeed. Everyone’s experience is always a little different. For my husband and I living clothes free has actually inspired our sexuality, made us more excepting of of others. We are more appreciative of others bodies and have found that social nudity with others makes one more open and honest. It’s comforting that we can openly share our love and bodies with each other.

    MS. K

  4. Very good article explaining some of the pitfalls that can arise from using sources that misrepresent social nudism. Sharing it, with commentary, at http://www.all-nudist.com/all-nudist-community-news/mixed-messages-about-sex-and-nudism

  5. jeffhaynes says:

    You have expressed yourself very well. It is inspiring to see the positive influences the lifestyle brings.

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