Benefits of social nudity: finding something good that’s missing from your life

  1. sassycoupleok 4 years ago

    The best friends we have are our socially nude friends because we are so much more open and honest with each other. The nudity also teaches you how to be more appreciative and respectful of those friends as well. With our textile friends it’s just not the same, we are always trying to hide something from each other.

    • hontouniheart 4 years ago

      I just find that so interesting, how that happens. It’s something I hear about a lot in the clothes free community, and it is something I have experienced personally. Why don’t I have more honest conversations when wrapped up in something? Why do clothes have that effect? I don’t think I’ve ever had such an honest time in my life, not that it’s all cotton candy and rainbows. But, I’ve truly been so much more honest and raw in the past 5 months than I ever have in my life, especially for a sustained period of time.

      • sassycoupleok 4 years ago

        When we and others are dressed, we are always holding back from saying what we really feel with others and they with us. Is it dishonest or a lack of trust ? A little of both we believe. When we are nude we easily walk up to members of the opposite sex and have honest and meaningful conversations about life and all it’s disappointments and joys. How often can you do that in the textile world ? One other thing, how about the nude hugs, very common at our resort. Try that outside there and see what it gets you !

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