Free Chocolate Pudding!

CLOTHES FREE that is! Was the title misleading? My bad. I’m not actually shipping out tons of free chocolate pudding.

Anyway, so, cooking clothes free totally rules. I have heard some caution against this. I think it depends on what is being prepared. My dietary preference is vegan, and I like plant-based recipes, although not all of my meals are exclusively plant-based. The foods I prepare don’t generally involve hot liquids leaping for joy at me unless I’m boiling quinoa or wild rice, so cooking clothes free is great. If anything, I’m usually cleaning up a mess from making raw juice at home.

I recently bought a vegan cookbook by Bryant Terry called “Vegan Soul Kitchen.” From there, I chose to work off his recipe for vegan chocolate pudding. I didn’t have the recommended brand of tofu or the orange extract in the recipe, so I substituted where possible and left out the extract. I also added chia seeds, because they have lovely health benefits. And I had way too many chia seeds and needed to do something with them. Seriously, tubs of them. I don’t know why I keep buying them.

hontouniheart measuringIt was a very simple pudding recipe, and I made it even simpler in my approach to preparation. The original recipe calls for cooking some of the ingredients in a pot before combining everything in a blender. Since I had made raw desserts before, and because I was lazy and didn’t want to do more dishes than necessary, I went straight for the blender, which worked well this time. I tossed everything in and went through a few rounds of blending until it came to a smooth consistency. Taste-testing is the best. Being clothes free, I enjoy interacting more directly with my food. So, many of my taste dips were just me sneaking a finger into the blender (while it was off, of course). What an experience, dipping one digit into the sea of chocolate. I did a lot of sampling; I had to be thorough.

Cooking clothes free is such a liberating experience for me. I exercise more creative license and I get more essential in my approach to food preparation. In the past, I often doubted my creativity and only stuck to the recipes as offered. Sometimes that is helpful when first learning a particular style of cooking. Now, with a little experience and being clothes free, I trust my judgment more and am willing to shift how I do things.

In this instance, I tapped into something that has been happening for me this winter (my first ever clothes free winter, yay!). I haven’t  been able to be completely clothes free every second, but I have certainly become more essential. I used to put on a bunch of odd layers during the winter, and those layers weren’t actually doing anything. Now? I only wear what I absolutely need, and I feel so much lighter and freer while still being quite warm!

Similarly, I approach my cooking essentially and creatively. I only take the steps that seem absolutely necessary, and I make substitutions or add flare based on whatever mood strikes me. Sometimes I add mint extract to my desserts. Sometimes I just want a bowl of vegan frosting, so I whip up a quick little 3-ingredient batch and eat a few spoonfuls. Whatever it is, being clothes free helps me to stop holding back, to let my cooking freak flag fly (say that 5x fast!).
chocolate puddingIt’s also great to eat the spoils clothes free. Since my whole life is so much more sensual (as in generally feeling more) now as a result of being clothes free and exposed to the environment, I interact with my food differently. When I sat down with this deliciousness after it had chilled and settled, I brought a spoonful to my lips and just pressed the mound of pudding against them, just to feel the consistency. Then, I pulled in a little for the first burst of chocolate yum on my palate. Finally, all in, I enjoyed the cool of the spoon’s surface while the pudding melted into the roof of my mouth. I explored the texture of the pudding, the chia seeds here and there, the sweet taste releasing everywhere.

Cooking clothes free is an amazingly sensual experience for me. By sensual, I mean that all my senses are more involved through an unmasked connection and interaction with fresh food. Using more fresh food and doing so clothes free has heightened the experience for me. I no longer think of it as weird or gross to handle my food with my hands and fingers. I let avocado goop up between my fingers. I love the feel of tomato juice rolling over my hands as I cut it up for salad. Sometimes I just shove my hand in a tub of quinoa, just because. If I spill a little tea on myself, sometimes, if not searing, I just let it stay there.

What an experience, connecting clothes free with the vibrant energy that goes inside me and gives me life.

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8 thoughts on “Free Chocolate Pudding!”

  1. yden4466 says:

    I love your descriptions of the recovery/re-memory of your (& all newbie nudists) skin-sensations as your nu-b experience unfolds and grows. Our brains leap with joy and astonishment when they hear again the skin’s sing-song.

    1. I love that, “the skin’s sing-song.” That is how it feels 🙂

      1. yden4466 says:

        I look forwards to reading your blog; it always is a good start to my day. Peace.

  2. jeffhaynes says:

    I did (almost) the same thing yesterday. For me it was a simple but great fudge recipe. It did involve being extra careful when working on the stove, but there were no injuries. Fun to cook, fun to eat.

  3. sassycoupleok says:

    That’s the way we get it done around here.

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