Naked Village: A naturist blogger bares all

Nude Recollections from the Naked Village

“What are you, Emma?” asked the cameraman. “An embellished zebra.” I replied, as I stood being meticulously painted by Adam Just, a young body painter. Adam was taking part in the body art day at Spielplatz along with his colleague Lauren Jones, only they were there in a working capacity and clothed, not naked.

IMG_8956body paints

As Adam worked, I fired questions at him and Lauren. ‘Have you been around naturists before?” “No?” “Were you worried beforehand?” They were certainly nervous but those nerves were soon dispelled when they found us to be normal people but normal people with a penchant for enjoying life without the restrictions of clothes.

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  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Emma James is a great ambassador for our lifestyle !!

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