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Today I give thanks for those who have been huge supporters of my transition into clothes free life.

One of my best friends is clothes free and has been an amazing support and conversationalist throughout my journey. He welcomed me from day one and generously made himself available as a resource should I ever have questions about clothes free life. And yep, I often have questions and rants about things that surface either in my own personal experience or from reading debates around hot topics in the clothes free community. Having conversations about these things brings clothes free life alive for me as it becomes who I am inside and out, yesterday today and tomorrow.

I feel safe, inspired and encouraged by our conversations. That last one, encouragement, is particularly important, because there have been a number of times when I wanted to quit this. When I was on Instagram around all the sexual conversations, I was ready to call it quits and just walk away. Even now there are times when, after reading through a debate about something contentious in clothes free community, doubts arise. He helps me see the bigger picture, and he also reminds me, simply through his behavior and contributions in the community, of all the positive work of others in the community. That’s how I am coming across so many amazing blogs and feeds, things shared by actual clothes free folks, not by folks looking for a nakey good time.

So I give thanks for his friendship, contributions, generosity, honesty, and for holding a safe space for discussion and exploration for the whole community.

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Mom is the only relative that knows about my clothes free life. Over the past 5 years, she and I have grown closer than ever and we share very intimate things with each other. Given that level of intimacy and trust, I decided one day to open up to her about my clothes free life, and her response was amazing. She was completely open to listening to the positive effects clothes free life has had on me as well as hear about my struggles. She loves how much I’ve opened up and come into full expression everywhere in my life as a result of clothes free living. She loves who I am becoming, she loves what this life is doing for me. She gets excited every time I talk about it. That kind of selfless support, that genuine joy for someone else’s growth and development, has been so wonderful. I give thanks for her love.

There are 3 friends in my city who now know about my clothes free life. I took my time opening up, and my decision to do so was based on our history of sharing. None of these friends are clothes free, but, like my mom, they see the sparkle, the life and light that erupts when I talk about my clothes free experiences, and they love who I am becoming. I give thanks for their hearts and ears, their support, their lack of judgment, and the beautiful souls that they are.

I must also express general gratitude for those in the clothes free community who write about their experiences, share encouraging thoughts and comments, and who hold a positive, supportive and safe space. This newbie continues to learn so much from your honest and soulful contributions. You guys are pretty freakin’ awesome, to be honest, and diverse in all respects. Thank you for being generous in your sharing and for welcoming me with open arms.

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  1. You are inspiring to those who follow. One can not understand clothes free without giving it a chance. And then… its herd to get dressed again 🙂

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