The Boy Scouts Hit Up A Nude Beach

Parents of a San Diego-area Boy Scout troop are just a wee bit upset. [cbs-audio-player title=”Boy Scouts Hit Up A Nude Beach” artist=”Jody Dean” download=false image=”” url=”″  station_name=”98.7 KLUV”station_logo=””%5D A recent hike with a bunch of 4th grade boys included a walk through Black’s Beach, which is a well known nude beach. Of course some […]

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  1. Eric Lomax says:

    I basically see that this event that happened to these 4th Grade Boys was nothing but poor planning on their troop leader who did plan it well and find if the hike would be going through Blacks Beach near San Diego. I see that the parents may thinks these kids need intense counselling and Church including confessional with a priest who might feel them up too. The fault of this lies on the Troop Leader where he did poor planning on where the hike was going to lead them on and did find for where the trail he was leading them on would take them, so blame falls on him for not planning things well ahead in advancer.

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