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Very well written and discussed question of the need to express clothes free life through pictures.

I have no confidence on the people that call themselves “naturist” while they live obsessed by nude images. They seek naked pictures, they hang this pictures in the internet, they idolize them… They even fill the internet with nude pictures of themselves in a lot of different positions. Some of these pictures are really pathetic and become indications of an unhealthy narcissism. This narcissism is a sexual imbalance, and of course it is not naturism. If we embrace the naturist’s soul, the naturist idea, we don’t need to fill the internet with nudity. Of course, we can add a nude image in an article or post; nakedness is a natural and innocent reality, and there is nothing wrong in hanging natural and spontaneus nude pictures when this pictures are tied with the article or with the words we have written. What I think is wrong is to hang an array of pathetic and grotesque nude and erotic images ( or nude self-images of self-adulation); and this is wrong mainly because if someone does it, he (or she) is misleading the world.

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