Today is work naked day

  1. natfabart avatar
    Nude Fab 4 years ago

    I’d get fired but paint nude in my studio when I get home.

  2.  avatar
    edzoeller 4 years ago

    Yes I did. I was up at 3 AM and didn’t clothes on until 3 PM. Great day.

  3.  avatar
    sassycoupleok 4 years ago

    Of course, however we were out of the office today so not until we returned.

  4.  avatar
    Happy Bare 4 years ago

    I’m naked today.

  5.  avatar
    bill 4 years ago

    I will definitely be at work nude tonight. Have been nude at work past week 4 times and love every second in of it. Feel so free and the conform factor is the best.

  6.  avatar
    aguywithoutboxers 4 years ago

    I work nude whenever possible! 🙂 And I’m h-a-p-p-y on my job!

  7. AnnaT avatar
    Anna 4 years ago

    I wish I know about this before. I’m not working today.
    Okay they probably don;t let me work without clothes but its nice idea!!!

  8.  avatar
    hontouniheart 4 years ago

    Yep! I’m in on the fun!

  9.  avatar
    naturalbornhiker 4 years ago

    I am working naked today! And I do every Friday so this is a regular ritual and I’m glad to see it gaining traction!

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