University student expelled for posting nude video and photos

She is Nana Abena Korkor Addo the Ghanaian medical student at the University of Cape Coast who put herself at the center of an unusual leaked tape scandal. After a video of her getting dressing-up after a shower appeared online, everyone who knew her thought it had been leaked by a bad friend but then to their astonishment she shamelessly spoke out to clear the air saying: “No blame game here, I posted everything myself, nobody paid me any money and I’m not on drugs. If they like they can come and test my blood. After all, what’s my course Bio-Medical and Forensic Science.”

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3 thoughts on “University student expelled for posting nude video and photos”

  1. kergillian says:

    The coverage of this is appalling! I really don’t understand why this should have caused her to be expelled, nor do I understand why the African eye would even post the video, if they are so against this. There comments attacking her are uncalled for and show a severe lack of journalistic integrity. I hope she is able to finish school someplace more open and understanding.

  2. jochanaan1 says:

    *sigh* This video is nothing that folks haven’t seen in movies a hundred times. And good for her to own it! She should be elected class president!

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