Want A Naked Getaway?

Attention all nudists, swingers, and adventurous adults! We’ve found some great travel deals for you! Intimate Places has just recently launched a new online service for you! The company’s goal is to help “open-minded and adventurous adults, couples and singles searching for a fun-filled, wildly expressive, judgment-free holiday experience, find that perfect fantasy holiday”. They […]

Curators Note: Nudists and swingers are not one group! When will the media learn


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3 thoughts on “Want A Naked Getaway?”

  1. I totally agree. Someone doesn’t understand nudism by lumping the two together. Thanks for speaking up yden4466.

  2. yden4466 says:

    …and I thought nudism has nothing to do with swinging or otherwise “adventurous adults”, at least that’s the “party line”.
    Articles lumping the two together do a disservice to true nudists and those like myself who are new to the lifestyle.

    1. You are so right that is why I added the note in the post. Clothes free folks need to understand this issue whenever we make the case relaxing the concept of promoting the life as non sexual nudity.

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