YNA Young Naturist Paya Beach resort Review

This month Jordan and I made our winter escape to a clothing-optional resort in Roatan called Paya Bay. Roatan is a small island on the Caribbean Sea in Central America. It’s part of Honduras, with about 42 miles of water separating it from the main land (a 60 – 90 minute ferry ride away).

Roatan does have its own small airport that makes it easy to get to, though not every U.S. airport has direct flights. To and from New York, we had a short layover in Atlanta, Georgia. It was also a much longer and more expensive flight to go on any day but Saturday, so we ended up making it a full week long getaway.


I’d had my eye on Paya Bay since 2013. I don’t remember where I’d first heard about it, but the resort just looked beautiful, so I bookmarked it. This winter we contacted them and almost didn’t go because they were slow to respond (busy holiday times cited as the reason). But we got our room and booked the trip!


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