Young woman discusses clothes free life with her father

Interesting that she has to cover her upper body while he is comfortably topless. Also she keeps saying nudist colony nine uses that lingo any at least no modern nudist do.

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  1. The Activist 4 years ago

    She doesn’t really help her cause by covering up…pandering to the masses 🙁

    • Earl D avatar
      clothesfreelife 4 years ago

      Yeah not much choice if she is going to use the YouTube platform and not get deleted

  2. hontouniheart 4 years ago

    This share is amazing and very encouraging for me as a newbie, and just generally as a person.

    I love her “Meh, clothes, meh.” That is exactly how I feel. Just doing my thing in my skin no biggie.

    Also interesting to hear about their experience going to places that turned out to be swingers clubs, and how they left within minutes, because they were very clear and specific about their intention and focus to engage in nonsexual activities.

    The rant about the nipples is great and right on point. It’s OK for us to watch massive violence, but this lady can’t take her hand down during this discussion, because immediately it would be associated with sex and spiral out into a whole over kind of conversation.

    Hearing and seeing this lady talk about the etiquette at true nudist places is really helpful for me as a newbie. I’ve seen a number of discussions where folks talk about the inherent sexuality of the naked body and how the flirting and so forth are to be expected. And to hear her say NO STOP IT DON’T is so reassuring for me, for when I do take my first steps into a social environment.

  3. hontouniheart 4 years ago

    Reblogged this on PenguinLove and commented:
    I absolutely love this video share. Very encouraging and funny and uplifting for me as a newbie and as a person.

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