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In 1904-05, oxen dredged the lake bottom and a dam was built, creating the present spring-fed water body. In 1907, the Stone House was completed. It featured a poured concrete roof, stained glass, a basement with coal furnace, and a state-of-the-art (in its day) water supply system that pumped water from the spring to a holding tank on the third floor.

This residence was designed and built by Himmelwright and served as a “model fireproof farmhouse” according to the placard at the entry.

The design of the building, pictured here, was prominently featured in several national engineering journals at that time.

Other early buildings included the stable (now known as the Hacienda), an ice house, and a chicken coop.

Around 1919, the bungalow (clubhouse) was built when the property was being used as a training camp for boxers. The boxers’ camp was just one venture undertaken to make Rock Lodge profitable. Another was the Rock Lodge Health Farm

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