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What do the owner of a Palm Beach clothing optional vacation venue, a musician and videographer, a blogger, and a yogi, and yoga teacher have in common? They have all been banned, suspended, or had accounts deleted from popular social media sites. Ordinary non sexual nudity, images of ordinary people doing ordinary things clothes free are being segregated in some social media in much the same way that pornography has been. 

 So are there any social media sites that don’t banish clothes free folks to cyber wasteland? Do those who enjoy being clothes free have any options to share images with freinds and others who are not offended? Can those who want to normalize clothes free life and share with those interested find a place to put down roots. Let me share some alternatives in the social a media sphere that I have found. I actually use or have used all of the social media platforms mentioned below.

Flee from Facebook to Reddit

Reddit commonly called the internet’s front page is a viable option to Facebook. While it is not as flashy and polished looking as Facebook it many of the same bells and whistles. You can friend people, post links photos and start groups/topic pages (called subreddits). They can be customized using what redditors call “flair” and are as private or public as you want. Pictures can be marked as NSFW to benefit your readers and friends or not. Recently in the wake of the nude celebrity’s so being posted on reddit they changed their policy to ban the posting of nude images for which the poster does not have permission. I am not sure how they will police this but it’s probably a good thing since many a photo posted on the net in one location has been misappropriated by photo collection of all kinds for all manner of reasons. Reddit’s business model is not based on accessing YOUR private information, and one of their few rules is that you DO NOT share personal data like real name address phome number etc in your profile. Visit and browse around check out the /r/nudism and /r/naturism subreddits to get started.

Twitter or Flickr instead of Instagram

Instagram which is owned by Facebook has become a top social media option for posting photos and short videos. Using hashtags people with common interests can be found and followed. However becuase it is owned by FB the same restrictions apply. IG users are constantly being deleted for the slightest bit of nudity in their pictures. Being there is a bit of a crap shoot as to how long your account will last as it seems some users activity look for those posting any clothes free images and report.

During a recent IG outage users of that service turned to twitter to voice complaints. I would suggest clothes free folks turn to Twitter as well. Twitter has no restriction on nudity users can make their account private just as on IG and their is a vibrant clothes free community on Twitter. Twitter has recently added a strong video component to go along with its photo sharing feature. 

 Another viable Flickr the original phot sharing sites with has gotten a much needed facelift in recent months and provides a terabyte of space (that’s something on the order of 500,000 images)for users to upload their photos.

Yank YouTube and go to Vimeo

YouTube regularly removes video that have any nudity from their site and routinely delete the accounts of people who post them. Vimeo actually states on their site that non sexual nudity is welcomed and not just tolerated. A gain there is a system for marking your video content and as long as that is done your content is safe on the Vimeo video sharing system. There are a few limitations to the number of of videos you can upload each month unless you purchase a pro account. But that is a small price to pay for the freedom to share your videos without censoring.

Bypass Blogger for WordPress

Recently Blogger the blogging platform owned by Google announced a change its policy which could have seen bloggers who had non sexual nudity on their blog get sweep up and out like porn sites. Fortunately Google changed it’s policy shortly after after some outcry. However this just points to the ongoing question of whether or not there is a reasonably safe place for people who blog about clothes free life to exist. So my suggestion leave the uncertainty behind and use the WordPress blogging platform instead. It’s actually a much more robust and scalable system with many more features. Further more nudity is not prohibited as long as you adhere to the guidelines of nothing illegal (read sexually illegal) and mark you site for their search engine as having nude images.

Some clothes free bloggers use Tumblr but that blog platform is overrun by porn sites and their is now way to protect your content from being grabbed and used by them.


To be honest I can think of no compelling reason to use Google+ even if not clothes free. The platform itself is clunky and very difficult to navigate and like Facebook its all,about collecting your personal info to serve up ads. But I digress. Google+ has a no nudity policy and since Google has a unified login for all its services deletion of a Google+ account means access to Youtube, Hangouts, and potentially Gmail are deleted as well. In order to use Google+ a personal profile has to be created. There are all kinds of requirements for using “real” names ala Facebook, so some effort is required to maintain any modicum of privacy. After creating a personal profile a page can then be created this is pretty mucht the FB scheme of things can also Homeclothes free has a Google+ account but the experince has been less than fulfilling it is difficult to follow or connect with people using our page. You have to log out og the service and log in again to switch from profile to page. While there are some clothes free groups or “communites” as Google+ calls them they are for the most part duplicates of exosting groups. In my opinion if you looking for clothes free and user friendly social community I would look elsewhere.


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  5. You havn’t mentioned Ello. March is NSFW Month on Ello! This is what they said in a recent email:
    “You can’t ban some content without seriously impacting freedom of speech for everyone. The last people we want to dictate what we can’t say on the Internet are the advertisers that control big ad-based social networks. Ello doesn’t believe in censorship, and because Ello is ad-free, we will always be a dependable haven for free speech. Help us celebrate NSFW Month on Ello by posting and discussing ideas about free speech, censorship, and why it’s important that Internet remain open and free.
    Some people love adult content. Other’s don’t. Ello is all about respecting each others’ point of view. You can always turn NSFW content on or off on your Ello settings page.
    Read about Ello’s rules and NSFW policy here:

    1. Mike thank you for your comment. I only recently came across Ello and did not have time to explore before porting the article. Also the platform is still in beta and as such it would not be fair to compare with more mature social media platforms. I hope to do a review of Ello at a later date.

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