Company promotes photo app by showing how it photoshops women

A new app called Pics Play 2 was released to the itunes app store yesterday. The app is billed as a photo editor and selfie retouch. The help offers the video introduction below for new users. The video tries to illustrate the app power by showing two examples of how the app can be to “photoshop” the features of women. Including easing the cheek bones of one woman and making the waist of another woman smaller.

What do you think about this blatant manipulation?

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4 thoughts on “Company promotes photo app by showing how it photoshops women”

  1. jeffhaynes says:

    I draw the line at trying to pass off something as real when it isn’t. This applies to people “editing” photos of themselves, as well as (and especially) any/all media who are, or pretend to be, presenting something related to fashion. It is far, far too easy to put out images of some fabricated ideal that exists only through heavy digital manipulation.

  2. I’m waiting for the app that works like this and then, when you’ve got everything right, you climb into a 3-d printer, and come out as programmed! 😉

  3. Yeah, I definitely don’t appreciate that. The apps capabilities to shift image size and shape could have been illustrated with any of the other hundreds of inanimate objects in the fill, such as fans, doors, posts, lamps, lights, stairs, anything.

    It targets women, and for me it could also be a sensitive issue about who in the pool of women they target. Hey chunky lady, got fat you don’t want? Yeah get rid of it with two swipes! Hey teen girls, wish you were somebody else? Now you can be! No pimples, no long face, and you can change your eyes. And it wasn’t even about staging or costuming for like St. Patrick’s Day or a musical’s announcement with use of a character. It was the kind of edits that are meant to make what is already naturally enough just as it is fit the bill of something someone else claims is “ideal.”

    1. sassycoupleok says:

      There are many things it could be useful for. However the way it is portrayed it encourages people to be far less than truthful about themselves !!

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