Day 10 Just Be Clothes Free Yoga Challenge: EASY

Day 10 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

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Just be EASY

I chose to express EASY today in Bow Pose, for a very particular reason. This is a pose I have always struggled with, and the “answer” or ah-ha moment came when something my teachers often say finally sank in:


Whenever this pose came up in class, I would always tense up and try to muscle and strain my through it. I wanted to prove something, prove that I was flexible, prove that I was open, prove that I was strong and beautiful. And in all that strain, I could never lift myself off the floor. I was actually pulling myself DOWN, because I was straining. I was lost in over-thinking it in my head.

It was when “TRY EASY” finally sank in that I began to let go, particularly in my upper body and arms. I ground through the pelvis and thighs and let my legs bring me up and back. But my upper body, arms in sockets, is easy. And in that ease, I found stability, lift and freedom. In ease I could open my heart and not worry about whether or not I was “getting” it or doing it like everyone else. I created ease, I felt ease. I became light.

This is true for me off the mat as well. I still struggle with thinking that the only way to succeed is to be a beast with super powers, bulldozing through everything and kicking butt. What I’m constantly reminded of is that when I take a breath, when I step back, when I allow ease to flow, things can fall…together.

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