Day 13 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge – Just Be AWARE

Day 13 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

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Just Be Aware

I chose to express awareness in Downward Facing Dog today. Something about the grounding and stillness I experience in this posture awakens the question, “Who am I being?” in me. It is an important one to ask myself throughout the day. What do I feel in my body? What is my heart saying? What thoughts are rushing through my head? How am I being towards others? How are my thoughts and actions impacting my environment?

The tricky thing for me is that once I become aware of what I feel and these other questions arise, I often try to fix myself or control things. For instance, last weekend I found myself feeling nervous about an experience. I found myself wanting to fix what I felt, to get rid of the nervousness. I wanted to force myself to feel comfortable. So, the key piece was to just be with what I felt. It was a true practice for me to be aware of it without reacting by going into fight or flight.

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