Day 5: Just be LIGHT

Day 5 of the Yoga Challenge

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Just be: LIGHT

I went through a lot of poses this morning trying to feel out “light” in my body and soul for today’s offering. I did some handstand preps & handstands, arm balances, all kinds of things. And indeed, I could feel lightness in my body in those practices.

But what really landed as an authentic expression of light for me today was to take an easy seat and put my hands on my heart. I had an interesting meeting with my boss yesterday, my annual performance evaluation. In my self-appraisal I was quite critical of my performance over the past year. I took a new job in the office, and the area of work in which this position is placed changed significantly, so anyone who has anything to do with it experienced a complete undoing and redoing this year. But I was not gracious with myself at all. My boss, though reminded me to acknowledge my accomplishments. Yes, there are areas to refine, places to grow, but there are also things of which I ought to be quite proud from this year.

That stayed with me today. As I sat in this seat, I considered the possibility that I am a light for myself and for others, even when I think I am less than. Consider the possibility, I told myself, that even with the “bad” choices, mistakes, lack of knowledge, lack of experience, etc., I am still light, and I ought to shine it and share it freely from the heart with others.

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  1. sassycoupleok says:

    We feel you have already brought light to many !!

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