Day 6 Just Be Yoga Challenge: Flexible

Day 6 Just Be Yoga Challenge

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Today I express flexibility in Janu Sirsana variations.

I used to think flexibility meant being wishy-washy. I thought it meant doing whatever others wanted me to do, being whatever people wanted me to be, and just kind of meandering about life.

Once I started practicing yoga, I realized that flexibility requires a great deal of integrity and strength. In poses like this, engaging my core protects my back, integrating shoulders onto the back brings release and ease to that area, and active legs and feet provide me with stability. When I use these tools, I find that I am able to surrender safely and to my greatest depths on a given day (which can change depending on how I feel).

I am learning similar things in my everyday life. Being flexible doesn’t mean being a doormat or being wishy-washy. That kind of approach not only injures me, but also does no good for others. I have to establish my feet, set my foundation, and be secure in who I am in order to trust and surrender to the tides of life. Standing in my truth also helps me to be a stand for others.

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