Day 9 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge – Just Be OPEN

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Day 9 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

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Just Be OPEN

Today I express OPEN through a supported adaptation of King Pigeon.

Lately, openness in my life has meant letting go of old recipes for success. Much of my energy went into proving my worth by pushing my way through everything, going hard in the paint all of the time. Although it seemed I proved my strength through all the extra effort, I felt I lost a lot of openness, flexibility and health both in my body and how I approached my life. “It HAS to be this way. I MUST do it this way. This has ALWAYS worked for me in the past.” Sometimes life calls for a change in recipe, like when certain fresh foods are no longer in season. I have to be open to new ways of accomplishing my goals, perhaps redefining them or redoing them altogether to adapt to what is actually happening right now, rather than forcing for what I think should be.


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