I don’t want my daughter to see you naked

This is the oddest thing I’ve heard in a while. Really. I have temporary neighbours. They are in their late 60s/early 70s and nice people. When they moved in (waiting for their new home to be finished) I warned them that I may wander through my own house not wearing anything. For a while nothing…


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  1. Honestly, even before I went clothes free, it was a culture shock for me moving out of my old neighborhood (at times in my life, just straight up ‘hood’) in my hometown to new areas in other parts of the country where people would just walk in or peek freely through windows. Culturally, we just didn’t do that where I came from.

    As I was reading the piece and putting myself in the place of that clothes free person, all I could think was, “Why are you looking in my home? Why are you looking through my windows?”

    I’m not an exhibitionist; when I am nude at home, I tilt the blinds in a way that make it difficult to really see in. I’m not looking for attention. I don’t want to draw eyes to me when I’m making tea or cleaning clothes free around the place. It’s just not necessary.

    But honestly, stop peeking into my home. It’s creepy. Yes, the person looking in staring at me, THAT is creepy. I completely understand that not everyone subscribes to clothes free lifestyle; there is absolutely no requirement that they do so. I respect that. But it has always been really creepy to me when people look in and wait for something interesting to happen, even pre-clothes free life.

    I won’t throw myself against a window or draw attention with the assistance of strobe lights. And I’m grateful that folks don’t just look into my personal home space for stories, drama and trouble.

    That particular kind of issue is more cultural (based on the area I was in when I grew up) for me. And it’s an issue the clothes free world as well.

  2. jeffhaynes says:

    I suppose one would hope that people would take steps to make sure they’re not putting on a show, while others would (in return) resist poking noses (and eyes) where they don’t belong. Not everyone gets that line.

  3. sassycoupleok says:

    We also told all our neighbors upfront we were nudist and that we were nude most of the time indoors and often outdoors in our backyard. We often leave our blinds open. So we have been sighted often with no problems. Not much can be said or done when in your home, out doors is another story.

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