Join the first clothes free life yoga challenge

JUST BE #clothesfreeyoga challenge sponsored by guided by @hontouniheart & @homeclothesfree

This challenge will invite you into the opportunity to learn to just BE through the practice of yoga. To just BE connected to YOUR BODY to just BE calm in YOUR MIND and just BE centered in YOUR LIFE. 

Starting March 15 a just BE phrase and example pose will be posted on Take a photo of yourself that expresses what that Just BE thought means for you.  See this page for more details

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10 thoughts on “Join the first clothes free life yoga challenge”

  1. aimeecakes avatar Aimee says:

    Cannot wait!

    1. Thanks for joining in will be posting the graphic shortly

  2. natfabart avatar Nude Fab says:

    I have thought of taking up Yoga for the longest time. My partner (though not naturist) used to do Yoga years ago and knows many of the poses. Maybe I should try it out. Unfortunately, I could not access the page regarding Just BE.

    1. There was a problem with the page address that has been fixed. You should be able to access the page now.

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    Join the fun!

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