My First Clothes Free Winter – Discovering the Bare Essentials

Spring waves, signaling its near arrival. As I write this, today is likely the last snow for this area. Four days from now, temperature highs and lows will rest above freezing, and I will need to explore warm weather footwear.

This winter was my first clothes free winter. I wasn’t really sure what to expect; I had no idea know how nudists went about dealing with the winter. “Do they message each other? Is there a secret book or ‘code of winter conduct’ to go by?” I thought maybe there was a nude winter orientation or something. I have seen some nudists in documentaries and photos running around and lunching clothes free in the snow.

Look, folks: when it comes to the cold, I’m a total spaz. I admit it proudly. I might have a little more tolerance for it than my darling mom, but only by 1.27 hairs. So, when the temperature dropped, I freaked out. “Do I have to leave behind my nudist ways? Is it acceptable to put on something? Should I be a die-hard nudist who lets icicles grow on her skin? I’m cold!!!” I obsessed about it for a while as I attempted  to cooly muscle my way through the shivers.

Finally, I did it: I bought a robe.

<dramatic pause>

It is fluffy, not too heavy or too long. It is just enough to help me manage when the temperature is wicked. Some days I need it, some days I don’t. At any rate, I am glad to have it.

Through conversations with a clothes free friend, I realized that this experience was less about trying to be nude all of the time and more about being essential and using some common sense. Of course, I was clothes free as much as possible, but I also had to choose when to put the robe on. Through that process, I had a beautiful shift. In the past, I would have put on countless layers of undergarments and clothing without really thinking about whether I needed all of that. This time around, I wore only what I truly needed. Aside from my brown skin, the robe was the only garment I needed to feel comfortable here.

When I didn’t need the robe, I snuggled under covers and pillows. I’m one of those people who loves being buried in giant fluffy things. I have always been that way. But, doing it clothes free is a completely new level of enjoyment. I didn’t realize that, before clothes free life, I had never really felt the texture of covers, because I always wore numerous layers of clothing on my body before getting under covers. Now? I have a whole new appreciation for good fabric.I love the feeling of covers against my skin. I love getting tangled in them, covers threading about my limbs. It is such a luxurious and lovely experience to feel them wrapped all over my body, rather than only feeling them on my fingers. I experienced true comfort and peace, very soothing for me at the end of a busy day. Friends: covers are magical.

I also had to shift my diet a bit. During the warmer seasons, I consume a lot of raw vegan juices and smoothies. They tend to be light and cooling, which is welcome during muggy summers here. However, I find it difficult to maintain internal warmth on that variation of a vegan diet during winter. So, I did more warm salads, hot beverages, and denser foods like sweet potatoes and other earthy elements. This helped me cope both at home and at the office, where heat turns its nose up at us.

This essential mindset, the wearing only what I need attitude, came into play in other areas of my life. I chose fewer yet more effective layers when going out. I carried only what I absolutely needed for a given day. There were even days when it would snow and, because I carried so much on my back while walking about, I simply chose to let the snow fall all over me, rather than carry an umbrella and attempt to shield myself.

I also got essential at work, which was a huge help during a very stressful period of transition. I did only what I needed to do to address the most immediate needs and to properly support my colleagues. I stepped off of some committees, I managed my availability differently, and I made to-do lists to keep me on track.

This clothes free winter has been really great for me, both in my naked life and in my clothed life. I’m getting more essential in so many ways, and it is truly liberating on all levels.

Side Note: I am definitely bookmarking the new “Winter Clothes Free Guide” posted on this site. It has been helpful for me during February’s winter showdown, and I will likely forget some of what I learned once I go frolicking into spring and summer. So, bookmarking it now when November returns with a big icy smile and frigid open arms.

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6 thoughts on “My First Clothes Free Winter – Discovering the Bare Essentials”

  1. Very enjoyable article! Isn’t it amazing how shedding your duds can affect a lot of other aspects of your life? You can’t help but see many things differently once the hurdle of being comfortably nude among others is overcome.

    Once we discover that one of society’s biggest taboos is WRONG, we begin to question how and why we see things as they are and how other misconceptions may be leading us in wrong directions.

    Social nudism is not a panacea for all ills, but it can be a start towards independent thinking and contemplation about the things that make us act the way we do, usually because someone else told us what we should believe!

    We’ll be sharing this soon; website, etc.

    1. That last paragraph of your response is exactly what I have been experiencing on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your support!

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    Sensible words herewith!

  3. naturalian says:

    Such sensible words,you are a true nudist!

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