Naked by Choice: A Chat About Feminism with Actress Caitlin Stasey

An interesting dynamic interview along with an invitation to women to participate in a potentially empowering project.

An article with interview, written by Madeleine Davies on

“In the middle of January, actress Caitlin Stasey (who you may know from Reign or Please Like Me) made ripples across both the feminist and entertainment blogospheres when she launched Herself, a website profiling women who are willing to strip down both emotionally and physically to tell their stories and talk about their lives.

The women of Herself are always photographed naked, by a female photographer, with the intention of flipping the script on what it means to have nude photos on the internet. What happens when the woman depicted is subject and rather than object? What happens when she’s exposing herself by choice, and without the intention of titillation? What happens when she is in control of her own image?

Each photo series complements an in-depth profile, in which subjects discuss what womanhood means to them. Their entries are moving, humanizing and revealing. You might see yourself reflected in their images and stories, or you might not—but either way, participants are real and authentic in a way you don’t often see on the internet.

After becoming interested in Herself and discovering Stasey’s social justice-slanted Twitter account, I decided to call her up to talk about her new project and what it’s like being an outspoken feminist “killjoy” in the entertainment industry. Here is our lightly edited conversation.”

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  1. PETER 4 years ago

    I may sound a bit biased,but feminism only favours women and is not realy equality for everyone but just women.In particularly Right Wing Femimists who are Pro Women only.I myself believe in equality for men and women not just women.

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