Naked Neighbor Isn’t Doing Anything Illegal

Everything is better naked! The people of Cardinal Glen aren’t too happy with their neighbor, who has been spotted numerous times naked on his property. The protruding neighbor has been spotted talking on his phone, opening the front door, and in general just hanging out for all to see. Parents are upset because they don’t […]

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  1. naturistsholiday 4 years ago

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  2. sassycoupleok 4 years ago

    Well within his rights but is he really using good sense ? I don’t see what and the way he does his thing as promoting social nudity. It’s one thing to be causally seen in and about your home but to just stand in your front door nude for long periods of time is not being friendly. I also doubt he has ever tried talking to his neighbors about the nude lifestyle. If he took the time to explain why he enjoys the freedom and what it means to him others might be more understanding and accepting. There is an old saying, “moderation in all things” !!

    • Earl D avatar
      clothesfreelife 4 years ago

      Very good question is he using good sense?

      • Earl D avatar
        clothesfreelife 4 years ago

        I just waiting to here that some politician in repos se to the “concerns” of citizens is draft a new law or ordinance to make seeing someone clothes free in their own home illegal

        • sassycoupleok 4 years ago

          Yes as unbalanced as our society is that would be the next step. It would just be helpful if some nearby nudist could actually go by and discuss with him the negativity his actions on the rest of us as nudist. We do no know if he is actually a nudist or an exhibitionist !! The latter seems more plausible.

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