Naked truth?

A reporter explores the modern day stigma of being clothes free

Nudity. Why does it have such a stigma attached to it? We come into the world butt naked, but leave it dead in our best suit, or nice frock. Dressed up to go out for the final time.

In between times we’re naked for some portion of it I would guess. Bathing, sleeping perhaps, and the fun bits, making out with the ones that you love. But it’s not for the every day.

Yet some people are much more comfortable with it. I remember one neighbourhood family, growing up, a lovely family, with two daughters a similar age to my sister and me, who would appreciate a firm knock on the door and a yell out from outside, giving Vince and Pam, the parents, time to slip back to their room to get their gear on. It was the ’70s. Life was groovy. Mind you, I never saw Vince or Pam naked, not that I can remember. All I really noticed were the girls rolling their eyes when you were eventually allowed inside. I recognise that eye-rolling myself now, that teenage affliction brought on by severe embarrassment caused by parents.

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  1. Great selection to post, my nude buddy! Thanks! 🙂 Take care and stay bare!

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