Pastor Says Christian Church Needs To Rethink Approach To The Body

Embracing Nakedness: Adopting God’s View of Bare Anatomy

The bottom line is this: a prudish view of the body is a pornographic one. (Tweet this!) Religiously placing an obscene or indecent sexual connotation on the sight of gender-distinguishing body parts creates a sexually objectified body. Such legalism, if socially embraced, becomes the conceptual foundation for a pornographic culture, as ours is now. Also, this objectification trivializes the body language of human genitalia, allowing them to be ignored as features of personal gender identity and distinction. Take some time to do the math on this, and it should cause tears.

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5 thoughts on “Pastor Says Christian Church Needs To Rethink Approach To The Body”

  1. nurevealyoga says:

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    Finally. I totally agree. Our bodies are a gift for God and should be seen as such to remove the stigma of perversion. When we see the body as objects they lose their meaning. The same if we see a human as an thing less than yourself or something else than human. It will mean less to you.

  2. This is freaking brilliant

  3. jeffhaynes says:

    It seems the upshot, in religious terms, is that we have been very successful in creating a “forbidden fruit” scenario with a clothing/covering up obsession.

  4. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    Pastor David is spot-on, and if more Christians would embrace the biblical view of our bodies, porno-prudery wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. “Ordinary-nudity” wasn’t even given a second-glance in the days when the Bible was being written, because it was very common. We could learn a lot from careful, open-minded study of the Bible.

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