School employee warned after being featured in Free the Nipple film

“I thought about it, and found out it was legal,” said Bolton, 37, noting that a 1992 court ruling in New York allows women to bare their breasts in public, just as men do. “Besides, I support equal rights for women. I’m not ashamed of it.”
On Thursday, Bolton, a computer aide and resident of White Plains, was reassigned from Woodlands High School to the district’s administration building after she was grilled about the film in a “questioning” that was part of Greenburgh’s disciplinary protocol.
On Friday, she received a “letter of counsel” from Mary O’Neill, Greenburgh’s assistant superintendent for business, who had seen photographs from the film’s Dec. 11 premiere at the International Film Center in Manhattan, at which Bolton was photographed topless.

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3 thoughts on “School employee warned after being featured in Free the Nipple film”

  1. Pipermac avatar pipermac5 says:

    Those are the risks we take when we live a “non-traditional” lifestyle. Even though I maintain a strict separation between my various social-networks and those of my “not nudist-friendly” (church) friends, I am ridiculously easy to find, because I have used the same user-name or a variant of it for all of my activities.

    I am retired, so I am not concerned about what an employer or potential-employer considers “appropriate”. Otherwise, I leave the chips to fall where they land and don’t worry about it until that time comes.

  2. Definitely an interesting article. Brings to mind a lot of issues that I couldn’t even begin to touch on here.

    Have to say, having a license plate “SXYTECHY” doesn’t really help the overall conversation step out of the realm of “sex.” I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with it, but in the context of clothes free life and #freethenipple and so forth, it seems like many folks are trying to help the general public understand that the conversation is broader than just that one topic.

    Being careful about social media and such is also very important, something I think about every day. I have separate profiles and what not; identifying elements quite limited; access fairly limited. But at some point, when it gets to a higher level of videos, film like that, or even platforms like this site here, it becomes a conscious choice understanding potential outcomes. For instance, I’m well aware that I’m now at an interesting point where someone could come across this platform and find me. I have chosen to accept that possibility just deal with consequences that come. Not at all to be careless and lacking in intent (that is not wise), but just in terms of having an honest conversation with myself.

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