Science and the benefits of clothes free life

The Scientific Reasons Why You Should Just Always Be Naked – 

According to Matthew Westra, a psychology professor at Longview Community College in Missouri, “Nudity is a taboo in America because we primarily equate nudity or nakedness with sexuality and we have taboos about sexuality.” This association between nudity and sex is exacerbated by the use of strip clubs and pornography that have come to represent a wrongful or sinful type of behavior that is only achieved in the nude. There’s no denying Americans are prudish by nature. There’s also no denying, however, that if we could get past our childish perversions and accept nudity as a basic and natural human form, there would be a lot less “deviousness” and fewer obsessions with the human body — and we could all just stop caring so much about it. – 

When clothes come off, so do the stigmas Things are only taboo because we make them that way. People only go searching for something they can’t have because its “illicit” status makes it intriguing. If men, however, were exposed to nudity on a normal, everyday basis, they wouldn’t fantasize and obsess over it the way 14-year-olds do at the sight of their first breast. According to Dr. Conrad Manning in his paper “Virtues of Nakedness: Physical & Psychological Health,” “By making nakedness an ordinary, matter-of-fact, common experience, unassociated with sexuality, the unhealthy prurient interest in pornography would be considerably lessened – 

Curator’s note: one would hope that in a modern society the scientific findings would make a difference in social acceptance of clothes free living but as some segments of American society seems to be anti-science I wonder whether it actually will  

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