One thought on “Tech Advice – Nudity and Public Storage…”

  1. All very …interesting… With everything moving to digital, I have to wonder, well, where WOULD I store my images? They can’t all stay on my phone; there isn’t that much space on it. Limited to just an external hard drive? My computer? And then what if I had a problem with those devices and needed to take them in for servicing? Could someone refuse me service or report me for storing my non sexual clothes free images on my computer or external hard drive?

    And the question also came to mind, what happened before online storage? If someone used a throw-away camera to snap naked pictures of oneself (let’s say ones that are not sexual in nature), and dropped the camera in the little box a the corner store for film development, what was the policy then? Did the developer toss out the film? Did the store ban patrons? I don’t remember hearing about such incidents in my environment growing up.

    Just rambling thoughts that popped in my head while reading this.

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