YNA Tackles The Sexual Harrasment Of Women Online

Sexual Harassment & Women Being Naked Online

I’m a naturist, and I’m naked a lot… Most of the time in private or secluded places, but once in a while I’m topfree in public, or naked and covered in body paint in Times Square. This is how I live my life and how I express myself.

There are also naked pictures of me online. Mostly because, like any person, I take photos that document my existence and I also choose to share some of those photos online.

I post naked pictures of myself online knowing that some people (mainly men) will just look at me in a sexual way. The reason I am not concerned is because I can’t prevent anyone from thinking sexual thoughts about me. People cannot prevent other people from looking at them sexually.

I am only concerned when others disrespect or objectify me. My naked photos aren’t sexual in nature, but that doesn’t make a difference. Some people will still make disrespectful and / or inappropriate sexual advances.

Some think I’ve posted my photo in order for them to evaluate how attractive I am, and they feel entitled to make that opinion known, even if it’ll make me uncomfortable. They post comments and tell me in some subtle or not-so-subtle way that they find me attractive enough to have sex with me. (Like I give a shit!)

I get nasty comments, messages, the occasional dick pic. And yet, I’m honestly not sure how much of it has to do with me being naked and how much of it has to do with me putting myself out there as a blogger and leader of an organization. I’m on social media, I have “followers,” and I when post / share stuff that a lot of people see it.

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