One thought on “Yoga Alliance sends its lawyer attack dogs on Naked Yoga Alliance”

  1. I am troubled and disappointed by this. I am glad there are Naked Yoga Alliance Lawyers and others here with skills, experience, guidance and thoughts to support NYA in resolving this specific issue. I don’t have expertise in all that, but I know this: NYA has my support, and here’s why…

    Because my experience so far has been extremely positive. That yoga challenge Isis Phoenix offered up in Jan-Feb was, to me, the real deal. No extras, nothing forced on others, just straight up practice and reflection. It is one of the rare moments where, I felt, the yoga was unbranded, unscented, unflavored, and, therefore, more fully available for each individual practitioner to allow whatever needed to come up to, in fact, come up organically for them. And it showed in those shares that were showcased, the outtakes from the challenge, all those different perspectives participants had. The yoga wasn’t tied to anything else but the pose and the moment of breath in the pose. It’s hard to find that kind of spacious authenticity in both clothed and naked yoga. In my experience both naked and clothed, it seems folks often feel the need to impose something else on it, offer singular interpretations, or conflate it with other beliefs and practices. Not so with that yoga challenge. It was straight clothes free yoga for me. So, I have the utmost respect for Isis Phoenix and how she treats yoga.

    If they actually took the time to look at the posts and have a conversation with NYA about clothes free yoga and how NYA treats yoga, I wonder if they too, might see value in it and/or respect for it and, therefore, approach whatever concerns they have differently… perhaps more conversation and coming to whatever agreements rather than chucking tomatoes and grenades. The language of the letter, right from the introductory paragraph, seems to be written with the intent to intimidate and shut down. How about actually acting like humans and having a conversation?

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