Are You Unaware Or Think That You Are A Nudist?

Some days, I am too philosophical and think too much. Certainly not an informed or advanced scholar! Even with the internet, media, and technology making overloads of information available, I wonder are there nudists / naturists out there that simply don’t know it yet? I have friends that will “skinny dip” in a private hot tub or lake not caring who is around. After a relaxing soak or swim, they will get out, socialize, and eventually get dressed. “Getting dressed” or “covering up” is not of great importance to them, but unlike me, they will do it – eventually. I wonder, are these folks part of a larger group of people out there who do not realize there is a community of loving people who share this common interest of social nudity?

Like clothes, even as nudists, we seem give ourselves labels, such as nudist, naturist, etc. Maybe, to these people, they are simply “natural,” which honestly makes a great deal of sense, because they are simply that – “natural.” Without clothing. Of course, even within this realm of “natural,” we have varying degrees of “natural people:”

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