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These days, I need to be clothes free. I need it. When I first began in 2014, it was a curious step into a world of who knows what. I enjoyed the thrill of this new thing in my life, and I felt so many different emotions and sensations inside and out. That thrill and those feelings continue even today; it still hasn’t gotten “old.”

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that I really need to be clothes free. For instance, there are times when I feel stuck at work, when I can’t get beyond a barrier and be productive. When I switch to clothes free, I get my super powers. Since I know that being clothes free unlocks a greater power in me where I throw anxiety to the side, get focused and just pile through the tasks, I am seeing that I have to commit to making time for it every day for my well-being. There is just something about being clothes free that helps me access the warrior goddess I’ve always been.

When I take off my clothes and sit in my power, I accomplish so much. When I take clothes free breaks, it grounds me and brings me back to center in every way. So, I have decided to commit to a healthier and more powerful me by taking clothes free work time and clothes free movement time whenever possible.

My body and soul demand that I take off the layers and be with myself,  that I schedule stillness. They demand that be in my own skin. So I choose to be healthy. I choose to make time to just be me.

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