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When tech wiz AJ. Fox shared his idea and process for building a DIY privacy fence on Twitter I had to ask if he was willing to share.  He gracious agreed. So all you folks who need to create your own little clothes free nook away from prying eyes read on.

I created the fence for privacy while allowing some sun through,  I did not want to buy a standard fence panel as it would have been

Too high or too awkward to fit in, so i though pallets are good, slatted allowing sun through and just right height


The pallets are bolted to the wall, with 2 inch screws at 10mm rawl plug. 4 seemed enough. Pilot holes drilled into timber. Then these holes

Marked on to wall and then drill holes with 10mm masonry bit. I secured another half of a pallet at the end to create required length



Capped the top off with timber to finish off. A fence gravel board was ideal width. I may yet stain it. 🙂

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See pictures of the finished project  and more details

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