Clothes Free Poetry Contest Opens TODAY!!!


Welcome, friends, to the 3rd annual Clothes Free Poetry Contest hosted by!

Today opens the window during which you can submit a wonderful original piece of work about your clothes free life.

So, undress your body, undress your heart, and no matter is wrong in the world make it write by sharing the poetry that is you with everyone.

Details at:

About the author:

  1.  avatar
    climbrick 3 years ago

    Reblogged this on Naked Artist Group and commented:
    Submit now! I am working on my own submission! What fun!

  2. AnnaT avatar
    Anna 3 years ago

    I’m gonna try it!!!!!

  3. natfabart avatar
    Naturist Fab 3 years ago

    Do we submit a photo to go along with our poem or not necessary? Fabien

    • Earl D avatar
      clothesfreelife 3 years ago

      That is up to you if you have a picture you want to add that’s fine but some may prefer to let heir words stand on their own.

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