Clothes Free Poetry Submission: Jeff Medd

Another share during this 3rd Annual Clothes Free Life Poetry Contest. 

Life is a river where the currents are swift.

Up river is the freedom, the truth from the lies
Downriver the place where humanity dies.
As the people continue to jump covered with their shame.
The weight is too much as they are quickly swept away.
But one by one they continue to jump but why don’t they realize that their clothes are to blame?
You sit on the river and watch people float by they gave up on themselves without barley a try.
All they needed to do was lessen the weight.
The weight of their shame has caused them to fail.
Now my turn has come to take the jump I gently fold my clothes and leave them on the bank I stand at the edge and watch for my break.
I will not jump to chance is right don’t want to pulled down by others floating by.
So I spot an opening and give it a try.
The challenge at first seems to be too difficult to complete.
But as I move up river I can start to feel sand at my feet.
As continue more the water resides, now I walk upright with hardly a try
As I turn A bend I began to see there was families of people as naked as me.
I climbed out of the water never feeling so free.
Just a whole bunch of people enjoying life as humanity should be.

— by Jeff Medd

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