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  1. ozcloggie says:

    Have shared it. After all: not very active as ‘ASydneyNaturist’ at the moment but still ‘believe’. Won’t get involved in explanation but I LIKE referring to the fact that earlier, in the 20th century, the group of people who established my favourite, former youth organisation, in the Netherlands, where I grew up, are recorded as encouraging their children to play nude for the sake of developing an understanding of how we’re all humans, with the need to support each other – to get along.

  2. finnwest2015 says:

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    Very interesting short film. Enjoy!

  3. ozcloggie says:

    Oh ! Get over it! There are two types of body. One is male the other female and each has similar parts to all the others, changing with age. That’s how nature works!!

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    Here’s an interesting short film I think any nudist or non-nudist should see.

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