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Recently I have come across some discussions in the clothes free community about whether to post identifiable full frontal pictures of self on the internet. Some say it is necessary to do so, that blurry or unidentifiable self-portrayal does a disservice to the cause. Some believe it is perfectly fine, perhaps necessary, to shield their identity, because repercussions could be catastrophic. Personally, I don’t feel it my place to say what is a “must” for others. The discussions, however, moved to reflect and share what has resonated with me in my own short journey to date.

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I am a young woman 8 months into her clothes free life. My first encounter with clothes free activities was a naked yoga challenge offered on Instagram. One of the co-leaders of the challenge at the time is a clothes free lifer, more than a decade into the lifestyle. From his images, I could tell that he had a head, and his yoga poses were always full body captures. I just couldn’t see his face.

Here’s the thing: I wasn’t surprised or turned off by it. Actually my thought was, “Well, of course a person would want to be careful with something like this.” I have seen people steal images and repurpose them for porn feeds. So, it made sense to me that a person might want to be very careful about what to put out there.

What stood out to me was his behavior. His shares were straight up yoga and everyday clothes free life. There was never anything sexually suggestive about his pictures, and he didn’t make sexual comments on others’ photos. That, to me, was more important that being able to see his eyeballs. His way of being stood out greatly from the sea of “nice boobs,” “great butt,” and “I want to do you.”

Deeper still, the core of what really sold me on who he was as a person and on clothes free life was our conversations. Initially, there was, for me, a sense of something like dogs sniffing each other. Are you the real deal? Am I the real deal? What are you going to say? What am I saying? Much of that was answered over the course of our exchanges. The chats began with him offering to be a resource for any questions about clothes free life and asking about my journey. I shared freely about the layers of what I felt in all of my new sentient experiences, and he would write about his experiences, answer questions and point me to resources. From that blossomed a rich friendship wrapped in trust. I trusted that he wasn’t a creep looking for a good time from the newest set of boobs on the scene, and I trusted myself as well.

After many conversations, we decided to chat live. When the video first came on, my heart jumped a bit, because it was like, “Hey! That’s a real person in front of me!” Once I settled into that, I felt at home. The thing is, that comfort didn’t come from being able to count his eyelashes in his pictures. It was our conversations that made me feel comfortable seeing his face and showing him mine. Our chats, our naked soul shares, had already set the stage for positive experiences.

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I have found lately that naked heart shares are also what draw people in my physical world into clothes free experiences with me. One of my dear friends recently decided to share clothes free yoga and meals with me, not because she had seen images of me floating around on the internet (indeed, she hadn’t seen any). What made her want to share clothes free experiences with me was how I lit up whenever I told her about how happy the lifestyle made me, how productive I am when working clothes free, how powerful I feel when practicing yoga clothes free. She was moved by how my soul falls apart, reassembles and heals each day that I am clothes free, being organic and honest with myself.

The same goes for conversations with my mother. This week she and I are going to spend clothes free time together both at home and at a public place. During a recent phone conversation, she told me that my clothes free journey inspired her to face her own body image issues. She is actually EXCITED about going to the clothing optional park with me. And it wasn’t identifiable images of me on the internet that moved her to consider spending time with me clothes free and engage in her own inquiry about body image and acceptance. It was my naked heart that inspired her to become naked with herself.

Personally, I don’t really care if I can see someone’s nose hairs or determine the color of their eyes. It could be a picture of an apple.

Undress your heart with me. That’s how I’ll know what’s real.

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6 thoughts on “Identifiable Naked Hearts”

  1. natfabart avatar Naturist Fab says:

    Excellent Blog and well spoken. Of course posting full nude pics is a matter of choice.

  2. martbel says:

    Fantastic blog article and you’re right this is a hot topic in the naturist community and always has been. It’s a personal choice at the end of the day. I decided from early on that I didn’t want to hide my photos, I’m proud to be a naturist and I’ve gone one brave step further by using my real name on my blog. It means I am ‘visible’ but I’m not ashamed. Keep up the great articles!

  3. sassycoupleok says:

    Nicely stated my friend. As far as posting recognizable nude pics it’s all about personal choice and comfort levels. For us it was a decision of this is who and what we are.

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