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  1. Comment I shared on the post:

    I very much appreciate this post, puns included! I happen to work in one of those sensitive areas mentioned. That paired with being a young woman new to all of this and several other factors, I’m also thinking a lot about how I share, where I share it, with whom I share it. Still learning those ropes and figuring things out.

    As I sit here thinking, I feel like caution has actually given me the opportunity to create some really, really deep experiences with people in my physical environment and family. Very, very few know about my clothes free life; I could count them on one hand. My choice to be careful about how I post, where, what… has actually created an interesting pressure. It’s kind of like a steam pot of something, all of this energy building underneath the surface where I was dying to tell someone about it. But I took my time choosing in whom to confide, and I took conversations very slowly over the course of months (well, that’s about the length of my clothes free life so far anyway…still just months).

    This created something beautiful where, finally, I opened up to my mom about it. Again, this was something I chose carefully and inched my way into over time. But what it led to was, in fact, today a moment where she said she wants to go with me to a clothing optional place when I visit her next week. My journey had inspired her to deal with decades of body issues, and she wanted to step out of that by taking this opportunity with me, which will also be my first time out publicly. I was over the moon.

    All that to say, this is the reason I haven’t agreed with the hard core folks who say, “you have to be full frontal and all this to be true to the cause.” Everyone has a different situation, and repercussions are nothing to sneeze at. I very much support and respect a careful approach to sharing, especially since the internet is actually full of crazy. And, in addition to the points you mentioned, for me the careful approach has actually created a deep and meaningful ongoing conversation with my mom. She didn’t need me to be full frontal and all out there on the web to be inspired by my journey to face her own body issues. She was inspired by my words and the passion behind them when I shared with her the freedom and healing I’ve been experiencing. That’s what mattered to her, not a picture of me on the internet.

    1. Very beautiful testimony to why this site takes the approach it does and eschews the radical you gotta be all out there to be all in approach. Many people are finding their way to clothes free living through this less radical approach

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