Naked At The Museum

Spencer Tunick has staged mass events at which naked people were the piece of art. Another American artist, James Turrell, has had an opposite idea: inviting guests to walk around naked to admire his art. Either way, it is a positive move that can benefit international naturism, the movement which encourages public and social non-sexual nudity.

Visiting a museum can now be added to the more traditional #thingstodointhenude, like swimming, sunbathing, sports, sleeping. 

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2 thoughts on “Naked At The Museum”

  1. NH nudist says:

    I wish we had these opportunities in America as well. I have modeled for years for artists, art schools and colleges. I have always wanted a gallery opening of the works created and be a live nude figure model on display in the gallery as well performing similiar poses to works on the walls as well for the spectators

    1. Yeah, I hear that. I would love to spend a day clothes free at the museum. It would be absolutely amazing.

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