One thought on “Naked in the very welcome April sunshine.”

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    Nicely done Martin, you have created your own little paradise. We live on a corner lot in a very exclusive neighbor hood in an L shaped home. The shape of the home provides privacy on two sides with a privacy fence one one side. Our drive way is at the rear of the home and that left the fourth side of our yard very open. That allowed 4 of our neighbors homes and anyone walking or driving by to look directly into our backyard/garden. Although we had informed our neighbors of our lifestyle and they never complained on the few times we know they saw us out we wanted a little more privacy. So we planted a nice row of Red Tipped Photenias to give us a privacy hedge in that area. The nice thing about them is they stay green year round. So we and the birds are enjoying our little spot of paradise as well. No way to share pics here or we would. 🙂

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