Now that I’ve been clothes free on the beach how do I go back? Haulover beach first time report

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 I finally did it. Now, it doesn’t matter whether it came off of mg Bucket list, my How Stella Gets Her Grove Back list or my Path to Self Acceptance  list because I DID IT.

I went to a nude beach and got NAKED. I was more excited than nervous. I think it is easier taking clothes off amongst strangers as opposed to friends. You can read reviews to get the low down on what Haulover Beach is like. I want to tell you how it felt. I did my research on nude beach etiquette and protocol to prevent my committing faux pas but no one mentions, do you set up your personal space first or take your clothes off? Do you take your clothes off one article at a time, or slide your underwear off with your bottoms? Way too much pressure here…

No matter what your agenda may be, when you take your first stroll along the shore or your first swim, YOU WILL BE CHANGED. The feeling for me was profound. Mind blowing exuberance that can manifest through laughter or tears, causing you to want to smile at or talk to everyone or scream, “I get it!” I wanted to set up a ‘FREE HUGS HERE” booth. (but knowing I could be arrested I exercised restraint)

Note to self mesh tops are see through

 Two weeks later I went to the local beach and despite the beauty of the day and surroundings, I was miserable. I felt overdressed. There was no friendly energy, no one wanted to chat. In fact, people steered clear. Was it because I was topless under my cover-up? No. I saw the difference. True naturists are more kind and accepting. Call it the energy or the atmosphere, but whatever it was that I felt on Haulover Beach that day gave me joy. I left my hang ups, my stress, the extra pounds I want to shed in the car and enjoyed that day on a beautiful beach surrounded by funny, friendly, protective Canadians. I also fell in love with myself. I highly recommend being nude outdoors and feel nature. It’s spirit lifting, cleansing, healing and fortifying. Namaste.

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